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You deserve a break. slow down, sit back, clear your thoughts, and unwind with Temmy’s Care



Our experts will skillfully remove hair, so you can stop shaving, threading and waxing. We use the highest quality wax, which is safe for all skin types (including sensitive skin). Our professional beauticians provide a variety of different body waxing services, allowing you to get a clean look effortlessly. After your waxing treatment, end your best spa day with a signature facial for the ultimate relaxing experience.



A soothing and healing facial that provides the necessary nutrients to restore skin and restore balance. High efficiency certified organic ingredients combined with antioxidants help restore and balance all skin types, even the most sensitive. Soften and replenish a healthy, natural glow.  Our professional beauticians combine natural ingredients and advanced skin care methods to show a healthy and youthful glow.



Be our guest, enjoy our exclusive massage treatments and experience total relaxation. Our massage is designed to help you relax completely, improve skin and muscle tone, promote blood circulation and remove toxins from the body. Indulge in our relaxation therapy to bring your body and mind to a completely new state. We invite you to relax, sit down, clear your mind and relax.


Steaming / Sauna

This is a special kind of bath that involves steam and high heat to make the bather perspire. The resulting health benefits are numerous, from stress relief and detoxification to improved circulation and relief for sore muscles.



Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outer layers of the skin. It can be beneficial for removing dry or dull skin, increasing blood circulation, and brightening and improving your skin’s appearance. There are different methods for exfoliation. Your skin type should determine which method you use and how often you exfoliate.


Hammam Bath

If you haven’t yet heard of hammam, you are bound to soon. Hammam treatments use hot steam to encourage a deep and invigorating cleanse which is profoundly relaxing and good for the skin..

Customer Reviews

Hear from our happy customers

It started with the body wax, then a sauna time, then rice body scrub, a warm bath and then a 45 minutes massage....... I just slept like a new baby (without colic) 😁. Best part of this experience was that a local women, slept like a Queen after a very workful week.
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Mrs. Happiness Ani
So this weekend Temmyscare was at my service to pamper me with an early birthday treat. Mehnnn it was an amazing experience, I’m so relaxed, fresh and renewed, I’m just glowing. It was worth every penny, they are very professional too.
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Mrs. Elizabeth Mutanda
I really enjoyed the experience. They pampered me like a baby and i ended up feeling refreshed.
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